It is not a secret to anyone that students spend half of life in school. It does not matter it is college, middle school or high school, young people sometimes spend more than eight hours a day in class. It is already a big stress, but necessity of doing homework adds more. Homework could be frustrating, annoying, and takes much time.

Let’s face the truth: the sad reality is that most of the work the student is given have nothing in common with their future profession, career path and various personal interests. It is one of those universal facts that students need to deal with at some part of our life. Honestly we all understand that you do not want to spend endless hours studying things you have no interest in. One of the subjects that will cost you much time is history. It is a description of past events. These events are recorded chronologically by the historicists. History could be boring and tedious subject. It involves past events, the endless list of dates. If you want to have the perfect knowledge of this subject, you need to be ready that it will cost you many hours of cramming.

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There are different problems students face with while preparing assignments on history. They include questions about famous figures and events, for example, Evelyn family, Queen Elizabeth, London residence in the summer in 1887, 19th century Catholic- Protestant marriages in Ireland, Gunpowder patent, historical periods, Napoleonic Wars, American War of Independence, American Civil War, Victorian Period, English civil war, Georgian war and the like.

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